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British-Indian designer Supriya Lele is an emerging talent on London’s fashion circuit. Her work is deeply rooted in her cross-cultural point of view, examining her Indian heritage and British cultural identity. Modern, poetic, and fresh with a sensitive observation of femininity.  Lele explores the materiality of her culture employing a deliberately lo-fi and subversive approach to textiles, cut and fabrication, luxuriously elevating these visual codes to balance her heritage with contrasted modernity. Music has always informed her work, from inspiring ideas to communicating the tone of a collection during her shows.

SKY H1 – Hybrid
I’ve collaborated with the amazing producer and artist SKY H1 for the past two seasons on my show music. She always creates an amazing vibe with custom mixes. Our process begins with discussing the collection inspiration, the fusion of my Indian heritage and British cultural identity. She blends my references with her own sound, seamlessly creating the perfect atmosphere for the collection and encapsulating our women, strong, modern and feminine. I often listen to her when I want to get inspired, I’ve been a big fan for a long time, and her work has really inspired my creative journey.

Hype Williams- The Throning
This track is a Sade cover but done so well. I love the original (on regular rotation in our studio), but something about the vocals and production of this track resonates with me especially when I’m in a creative space.  I love the

approach, bolding covering such a well-known track, but in such a creative, low-fi, modern way. This idea resonates with our creative approach at the studio, hybridising old and new references to create something new.

Aaliyah – Rock the Boat
When I’m working late on the collection, this is the perfect track to lift the mood and keep us motivated on a long day. We play relaxing music during the day, but when it gets late, it’s crucial to play something positive that everyone gets energy from. I’ve loved this song since it came out in the early 2000s. The styling and choreography in the video are amazing.

The Internet – Mood
This is our current studio vibe, and one that will absolutely guarantee, that no matter who is in, everyone will love it. We have the Internet on constant rotation. It’s a chilled vibe, which helps me get in the right frame of mind when I’, designing. I’d love to dress Syd in my clothes one day.

Galaxie 500- Tell Me
When I’m alone working in the studio, after everyone has left, I love listening to Galaxie 500. I play this as I can see the sun setting over London’s Southbank skyline from my studio window. It’s quite melancholic, but I discovered them as a student in Scotland and have not stopped playing them since. This album holds so many memories for me, from being an undergraduate fashion student to building my business. It always holds the same effect on me, helping me focus and feel relaxed and creative when I’m designing.

Portrait by Will Grundy

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