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South African Photographer Alice Mann is focused on rewriting the history of her home country through a positive and uplifting lens. She embeds herself in the communities she works with, collaborating closely with her subjects allowing them to represent themselves authentically. Music fuels her practice from hours spent on planes flying to locations to all night editing sessions, here she shares the soundtrack to her career so far.

Sonny’s Crip
Sonny Clark, feat. Donald Byrd, Curtis Fuller, John Coltrane, Paul Chambers and Art Taylor

This song captures my love for jazz. It’s such a good piece of music, some of the best jazz artists ever collaborated on it. My dad was jazz obsessed, and when I was growing up, he would always play a rotation of classic jazz every Sunday. I often get the same craving come Sunday afternoon. I love how jazz can be soothing, but also invigorating at the same time. When I’m busy working, it can be the perfect tonic.

Heaven- Mr Bongo 7’’ Edit
Ebo Taylor feat. Mr Bongo

This charismatic song combines Highlife and Afrobeat styles; there are also some strong jazz/ funk elements.  It’s so vibrant and has perfect energy. It’s the perfect track to start your day ( or at any time of the day!). I never get tired of Ebo Taylor’s music, there is so much variation, and it never fails to put me in a good mood.

Good Ship
Nightmares on Wax

I’ve listened to Nightmares on Wax for years. He always makes music I like. It blends a strong hip hop beat but also has layers of other ideas going on, effortlessly blending genres. I spend a lot of time walking in London, moving between meetings and it’s my favourite in transit track. Great vibes.

Sampa the Great, Nadeem Din Gabisi

The music video for this track is incredible. I’m a huge fan of the female energy of Sampa the Great; her sound is rhythmic and uplifting. She is a genius poet, her lyrics are incredible. I shoot on film, so I spent a long time working through contact sheets and editing my work. Tracks like this keep me inspired and motivated through this process.

Haven’t you Heard
Patrice Rushen

It’s a syndrome of being a millennial that I am rarely able to listen to an entire album by an artist, but I can listen to hours of Patrice Rushen. It’s American funk with an infectious disco/ soul/ 70s beat — the ideal studio soundtrack.

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