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Alexandra Von Fuerst is the Italian-born, London-based photographer whose work focuses on the female body and its perception. Her work is rich, surreal and disarming inspired by dark arts and the natural world. Here she shares a playlist which lifts her mood, informs her work and conjures incredible memories.

Bloodflood – AltJ
Music helps set the tone while I’m shooting. It helps inform and inspire the work we are making as a team. To set the mood on set Alt-J is always a perfect choice for me as it brings almost everyone to agreement. My taste in music can be challenging and divisive when on set, so this became my go-to good mood song of choice.

On the nature of daylight  – Max Richter
This song is pure emotion to me. Goosebump-inducing. It recalls me sharing work and words of wisdom with a friend; it brings me back to moments of self-doubt and challenges to overcome. When I hear this track, it allows me to become myself again and focus on the moment. It also represents defining myself, a crucial part of the creative process.

Wallace – Hans Zimmer (from Blade Runner 2049 Soundtrack)

Whenever I hear this composition, I think about producing videos and one of the reasons I love imagery so much. The power of music united with the visual of the movie encourages me to immerse myself in creativity, producing work which provokes emotions for the view. This track motivates me to push harder and go beyond.

Suite Bergamasque – Claude Debussy
I can spend hours in post-production, getting my work to the exact space I want it to be. This track has fuelled long days and all-nighters. When I’m retouching, this beautiful composition is the perfect companion; it allows my body to relax and focus. Being in peace is my way of being productive in my day; if I am calm, I can do anything I decide to pursue. This song keeps my heart in the right place.

The Ritan bells – Brian Eno
This track triggers memories of a beautiful surreal evening with an artist friend in New York City. The constant exchange of artistic values and ideas, as well as the creation of experimental spaces to work within,  reminds me of the beauty of what I am doing, of how lucky I am to live this experience through photography. Over the years, I have found sharing allows the growth of the soul to expand the vision we have inside.

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