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Creating typography and design imagery with microscopic photos of chemical reactions.

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Here are a few things that Rus Khasanov has experimented with for his unique design process: chemical reactions, soy sauce, fire. Under the microscopic lens of his camera, these elements create an explosion of colors. The young Russian designer harnesses the resulting visuals to create typography and design images. Instead of bio-mimicry, one of the most popular trends in contemporary aesthetics, Khasanov captures actual biology and chemistry. As a result, it is no surprise that he is in constant demand as a designer both for high-profile magazines and commercial clients, always experimenting on the side to develop his process further. Today, Rus shares his portfolio of design experiments, and explains how he came upon this highly unusual process.

Typographies (Swipe Left)

I have always admired the microworld. It surrounds us everywhere. We breathe it. We eat it. We are made of it. It is crazy to think about. No doubt this interest, and my fascination with outer space, reflects in my projects.

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During my training at the academy, we were constantly told that a designer is not an artist. I always disagreed. My goal is to show synergy between art, science and design, and to break the artificial boundaries between them.

Commercial work (Swipe Left)

Confucius said: «Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Obvious beauty bores me. I’m more interested in finding beauty in unlikely places. In my projects, I try to extract beauty from everyday things, such as water, ice, paint, ink, salicylic acid, dust, soap, wax, hair gel, bruises, blood, oil, among other things. 

Micro-universes (Swipe Left)

My experiments are chaotic — the creative chaos of my love for the materials — and this is what energizes my work. Then I edit it all afterwards on Photoshop and After Effects with a cool head.

Click here to see Rus Khasanov’s experiments in motion.

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