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Turning food into an art experience, Food Designer Laila Gohar explores the nature of human interaction by creating convivial, multi-sensory edible events.

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As the most ancient carrier of culture, food allows people to come together and bond over an intimate moment in time. Laila Gohar designs unique eating experiences that take place in non-traditional settings all over the world.  Using food as both an artistic medium and a tool for communication, she explores the nature of human interaction by creating convivial, multi-sensory edible events. Her work draws upon historic methods of food preparation, and as a whole, food’s role in society.


For the first US launch of Commes des Garçons fragrance, Concrete, Laila created a dinner inspired by the architecture of the fragrance. Each course borrowed different notes from the perfume, and told the story of its history. The bottle’s shape and material also informed the aesthetic choices around the food. Guests participated in a multi-sensory sit down dinner to celebrate the occasion.
(Chef Laurie Ellen Pelicanno & Susan. Production Stemmler Creative & Nour Sabbag. Studio Manager Malena Burman. Bread Lexie Smit. Pastry Ayako Kurokawa / Burrow. Photos Adrianna Glaviano)

The Philip Johnson Glass House celebrated artist Robert Indiana’s opening One Through Zero by commissioning Laila to compose a food installation inspired by his work. Inspired by the structure and its natural surroundings, six different installations that relate both to numbers (a recurring theme in Indiana’s work) and nature, to illustrate the life cycle of a plant, were created.
“Numbers fill my life. They fill my life even more than love. We are immersed in numbers from the moment we are born….” – Robert Indiana
(Production Melting Butter. Pastry Jess & Josh Pickens. Project Manager Malena Burman. Photos Adrianna Glaviano)

Vital is a flexible eating and living environment created for Mini at Salone del Mobile in Milan. The work is a study of the four vital resources that make life possible Earth, Water, Sun & Oxygen, and how humans have the ability to transform them into energy. The installation is centered around the desire to seize these resources in order to satisfy our appetite. Eating is living; receiving other life to allow for our own.
(Project in collaboration with Pepi de Boissieu. Production EWT)

Icelandic food landscape for Black Frame in collaboration with ceramist Daniela Jacobs of Arc Objects.
(Assistant: Malena Burman)

For the unveiling of Grey, a line of clothing by designer Jason Wu, Laila worked to create a meal where each course required different motions to reveal its content. Guests were presented with a variety of tools that helped them navigate their meal.
(Team: Lauren Schaefer + Laurie Ellen Pellicano + Malena Burman. Flowers: Brrch Floral)

Cover: Bread by Lexie Smith. Photo: Adrianna Glaviano

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