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By Peigh Co-Founder of Swim Dem Crew

Learning to swim was something I picked up very late in my life, and I’m thankful I had the patience to stick with it, because not only did it enrich my life with a beautiful community it also taught me many life lessons along the way. Here are eight of them:

Time and Tide Wait For No Man/Woman
There are two things in life you can not control; one is time, the other is the tide.
It’s easy to put things off until ‘tomorrow’, but it’s important to seize the moment and take the opportunity as it comes. This was a life lesson my mum drummed into my head as an adolescent, but it wasn’t until I was an adult and started swimming I really appreciated her words.

Forget Everything You Think You Know
Learning a new life skill as an adult requires a level of patience and humility.
Often a lot of the time that we spend ‘learning’ is actually time spent unlearning, which, of course, can at times be frustrating. However, it’s crucial to allow yourself to be vulnerable, let go of your ego and forget all preconceptions.

Learn By Doing
This is in no way an antithesis to textbook’s or ‘how-to-guides’, but more so a mantra and a way of life, because there is no better teacher than experience itself.
People are often plagued with the ‘fear of failing’ and as a result don’t ever try.
However, it’s worth noting that not only are mistakes inevitable; they are also an invaluable lesson that should be embraced and seen as part of growth and development.

Consistency is Key
In a similar vein to a wheel that’s in motion the minute you stop and come to a halt, it always takes a moment to gather momentum and get moving again – so keep going!
Repetition breeds familiarity and the more you do something, the more familiar and habitual it becomes.

Don’t forget to breath
Much like any other major city in the world, London can at times be unforgiving.
You work all the hour’s god sends working yourself into the ground and before you know it you’re fast approaching a burnout. You owe it to yourself to take a moment to pause; a moment of serenity, a moment of tranquillity. #selfcare

Celebrate the little wins
Big goals can at times be daunting and often submission you into a fear of not advancing. Setting realistic goals that will eventually help you reach the bigger one, always works wonders. But don’t forget to celebrate them, because although you’re not at the final frontier, you’re one step closer than you were yesterday.

Take the rough with the smooth
Nine times out of ten when there are periods of doubt and uncertainty, and if things feel a little rocky, they are often followed by moments of clarity and assurance. So try to weather the storm as best as you can because good times are just around the corner.

Stay in your lane!
It’s easy to get distracted by the progress of others, especially with social media platforms that illustrate picture-perfect lives. But it’s important to focus on your own path and go at your own pace. The minute you take your eyes off what’s in front of you and start deviating, the easier it becomes to lose control.
Images by Seb Barros

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