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A journey into the timeless Mediterranean summer through the lens of photographer Stefan Giftthaler.

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Sometimes Italy is so much like itself that it looks like a photographic set. This is the feeling one has in front of Stefan Giftthaler’s shots of the Romagna Riviera, the stretch of Italian coast made famous all over the world by Amarcord, Fellini’s Oscar-winning masterpiece. As in Fellini’s movie, time seems to be stopped by Giftthaler’s analogue camera, like a leap back to childhood.

Stefan Giftthaler, with his flâneur approach, has chosen to document some of the lesser known and more romantic spots in the city of Milan: outdoor public pools, set among the buildings in a surreal atmosphere that recalls the paintings of De Chirico.

The latest photographic series by Giftthaler is dedicated to Morocco, yet the images of North African landscapes could just as well have been shot in parts of the United States, or India, or even Portugal. His gaze is that of a true explorer.

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