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Discover Shikiri, Emmanuelle Moureaux’s design concept inspired by the city of Tokyo.

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On her first visit to Tokyo, architect/designer Emmanuelle Moureaux was so taken by the way the colors created a complex depth and density on the street that she abruptly moved to the Japanese capital. The rest is design history. Moureaux started developing her concept of Shikiri, which literally means “dividing space with colors.” This involves using colors as three-dimensional elements to create spaces, not just as a finishing touch applied on surfaces. Moureaux shared her portfolio with Fold, and told us about her colorful creative journey.  

Forest of Numbers

Design: Emmanuelle Moureaux. Photos: Daisuke Shima.

Traveling to Tokyo in 1995 as an architecture student first gave me a passion for colors. The overwhelming number of store signs, flying electrical cables, and the fragments of blue sky between various volumes of buildings combined to create a complex depth and density.

color mixing

Design: Emmanuelle Moureaux. Photos: Daisuke Shima.

I felt a lot of emotions seeing all these colors, and in that very moment, I decided to move to this city. In response to the unforgettable experience of colors and layers in Tokyo, I came up with my design concept called “shikiri”, which means dividing (creating) space with colors. Inspired by the traditional Japanese spatial elements like the sliding screens, I began my exploration of “surface” shikiri, gradually developing into thinner colors – “line” shikiri.

100 colors no.1

Design: Emmanuelle Moureaux. Photos: Daisuke Shima/Nacasa & Partners.

I want to convey emotions through color, whether it is architecture or an art piece. Through my creation, I want people to see colors, touch colors, and feel colors with their senses. The overflowing effects of colors in space will show that colors can give more than a space, but a space with additional layers of human emotion.

I Am Here

Design: Emmanuelle Moureaux. Photos: Daisuke Shima.

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