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The Sister duo, Emily and Alice Stein are both well established in their individual creative fields. Emily a successful photographer and Alice, an accomplished filmmaker. Over the last two years, they have also started collaborating, uniting their vision to create films which celebrate real people in a truly genuine way.

Here they share what it’s like working together as sisters, their creative process and how their collaboration has informed their work.

Our collaboration came about as we have a similar aesthetic, and are both excited about colour and energy. What is most important to us both is a sense of story and capturing genuine character. Alice was working making quite gritty documentary’s, and I was taking photographs, and we decided to get together and make something in-between our worlds. The result is more stylised like my work but with Alice’s sense of real character and love of moving image.

We love working together and miss each other when we are working on separate projects! Over the Summer we worked closely on the Sainsbury’s Back to School Campaign and a film for Hunza.G, and we were together all the time. We get into a flow of how we work together when we do it a lot. There can obviously be ups and downs now and again as we are sisters and we are brutally honest with each other which can lead to disagreements, but we both really respect each other, and that’s key.

Our close relationship as sisters means we know what each other’s strengths and weakness’ are and we work hard at bringing out the strengths and squashing the weaknesses!

With several projects under our belts, our creative process is well formed. Initially, we both work on the idea, narrative and how we want something to look and feel. Then we go on to have entirely separate roles. Alice works very closely with the DOP thinking about sequences, angles and the cinematic details and Emily works more on casting and location. We also have built a fantastic team around us who support each project.

Collaborating has also strengthened our individual work, we’ve gained more confidence by working together.

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