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Crystal Moselle is a New York based film director best known for her Sundance Grand Jury Prize winning documentary, The Wolfpack. Her background as a producer and experience with short-form storytelling for brands like Vice, Nowness and The New York Times set the stage for her directing debut. Her latest film ‘Skate Kitchen’ is a powerful journey of friendship formed around a group of female skateboarders.

She takes us through the soundtrack of her career to date, the tracks which inspired her films and the ones which provide relief in moments of intense editing.

Caribou – Can’t do without you
I first heard the song in a brilliant and beautiful film called ‘All the sleepless nights’ by Michal Marczak. It’s become my go-to happy place. I will never get sick of this song. When I was editing my first film Wolfpack with my good friend and editor Enat Sidi, we would take a break from the madness and blast this song. We would close our eyes and try not to care about anything. It was a little ritual we had, and it felt so good. It really increased our focus and motivation.

The Horrors – Sea Within a Sea
Something about this song, makes me feel like I have lived an entire lifetime and I’m looking back at how emotional, beautiful and painful it all was. The song is an experience. I listen to it when I need to rebirth.

Nicolas Jaar – Wouh
I love Nicolas Jaar because he puts you in a trance. His songs inspire me, and everything feels like a movie. I can’t choose one of his songs because they are all one living organism, so you need to listen to all to get the full experience.

Ritual – The Only One, feat Skizzy Mars
When we were in the process of developing and writing the script for Skate Kitchen, Nina from the film would come over and play this track on repeat. I became obsessed with it. During the editing process, my Editor Nico Leon and I knew the track had to be in the movie but didn’t know where. Finally, we realised it was for a scene we had to reshoot. It was so satisfying to find it a home. This song has all the feels, the hook is so on point, yet it’s deeply sad and emotional. Together, these elements make me love it.

Stravinsky – Firebird
Music is a deep thread in my family history. My father is a Musician, and his father was as well. When I was young, my Dad would play this record, and I would do an interpretive dance. I would just let the song take me away. I love that a story unfolds in his music, one that is incredibly cinematic and massively emotional, it works the whole spectrum.

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