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Isabella Gaetani Lobkowicz

“Today in the world there are more chairs than bums”
Bruno Munari

I think an explorer should be suntanned. And tall. Tall because he needs to see everything, suntanned because he’s constantly exploring, mainly in warm places. I imagine him elegantly carrying binoculars and wearing a camouflage suit. Having returned from another expedition in another exotic country, he might turn nostalgic as he sits on his chair: after all those adventures, here he is sitting low and humble just like everyone else. I’ve had his ideal chair in mind for a long time. It’s simple: I believe that climbing up the ladder will do the trick. From up there he’ll be able to continue exploring, and maybe – through his binoculars
– he’ll spot one of those adults who feel like children. The thing about these childlike adults is that they’re never content to take a seat: sitting down makes them feel too much like real adults because their feet are solidly touching the ground. It’s not a pleasant feeling. There’s a solution for that.

Surprisingly, when you think about it, there are a huge number of “unhappy sitting people”.
And so it all started, with a beige Moleskine in a bookshop in Rome.
It’s curious how many designers design chairs, so many chairs, but nobody seems to think about the characters who are going to use them. I liked the idea that by slightly modifying the legs, backrest, seat, I would be able to fit it to the person who’d sit on it. Resolving the dilemma of the explorer or the adult that feels like a child is easy, but there are many subtler challenges.
What does the perfect chair for the thinker look like? And what about the hippie? One after the other they came to life: the enthusiastic, the undecided, the bodybuilder and so many more… Until there were no pages left.

Almost 100 chairs for almost 100 people! I’m quite certain you’ll be able to find one for yourself. I hope they’ll bring you a smile and an unusual perspective on the everyday object par excellence: the chair.

Almost 100 Chairs for 100 People a Moleskine publication available now

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