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Collage artist and illustrator Lola Dupré discusses her analog approach to digital art.

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Lola Dupré is a collage artist and illustrator currently working between Glasgow and Glen Roy, Scotland. Working with paper and scissors, her work references both the Dada aesthetic of the early 20th Century and the digital manipulations of the present day. Here she shares part of her portfolio and tells us a bit about her process and inspirations. 


I never consciously chose paper collage over digital collage. I just started working with paper because it was more affordable, and perhaps also because I wanted to produce an object than I could sell in a gallery setting. My work is inspired by contemporary landscapes and visuals. I think the golden age of collage has not diminished since the days of Dada.

Usually I print my own material, so I can easily print different crops and details. I work with scissors. I use a good thick glue and a variety of brushes depending on the size of paper. When I sit down to work, sometimes I have a precise picture in my head I want to visualize, sometimes I relax and let the forms suggest themselves.

The human body is unpredictable. Three or four arms might be unusual, but we all have quirks and individualities. There is nothing wrong with our quirky bodies and I wish they were celebrated more because then I think we would be more comfortable in them.

Eyes are beautiful to look into, so why not have eight instead of two?


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